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The Lamp of History eNewsletter has been replaced by the Lamp of History Blog, which will feature articles about the people and events of history that can inform our lives today. Click here to visit Lamp of History and sign up to receive a notice each time this blog is updated. Don't run the risk of being destined to repeate history because you didn't learn from it!

For more information on the Hochstetler family and on the Hochstetler Family Association, go to Hostetler.net

To learn more about the Mennonites, go to The Mennonite Information Page and the Swiss Mennonite Cultural and Historical Association

To learn more about the Amish, go to Religious Tolerance.org

For engaging and informative musings on the Amish, check out the Amish America blog.

Receive updates on the Hochstetler family and follow progress on writing the first full-length fictional account of our ancestors who immigrated to this country, the Indian attack and massacre during the French & Indian War, and the survivors' captivity and eventual return. Visit the Northkill Blog.

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